“Berufskolleg Schloß Neuhaus“ was founded on 1st August 2000. Because of the continuous growth of the number of students and classes, the former school “Ludwig-Erhard-Berufskolleg” had to be divided. After years of discussion, we moved to this location in August 2001.

    M. Groß       N. Damke
    (Headmaster)       (Deputy Headmaster)


+ Facts Building

  • There are about 67 rooms for school work.
  • Courses take place in 45 classrooms and 5 group rooms.
  • For physical education there are 3 gymnasiums and a special health and fitness centre.
  • There are 17 rooms for special purposes: computer rooms with about 409 personal computers especially to be used in computer science and information technology. Furthermore there are 2 labs for medical sciences.


+ Aims of Berufskolleg Schloß Neuhaus

We offer :

  • Qualified access into the world of work by gaining new knowledge as well as further development of existing skills
  • A solid education based on the current demands of the job market
  • The possibility of a new start with new subjects
  • Individual advising
  • Motivated teachers
  • A "modern house of teaching" including opportunities for development for young people and the latest technology

We expect:

  • Motivation and active cooperation in lessons
  • Openness to new information and technologies
  • Participation in school events
  • Acceptance of the school rules
  • Recognition of democratic and human rights



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